“An Eventful Fair of Cuisines, both fun and delectable!”

As we are heading towards the jovial occasion of Christmas, with the last days of cold, wintry December coming to a close, a fun fair was organized on 21 st December 2023 by the students of Grade 11 in Vikhe Patil Memorial School, Pune.

The objective of the fun fair was not just to provide a plethora of different dishes, which offered a symphony of flavours, but also fostered the idea of students having intel into the world of sales, marketing and entrepreneurship.

Our budding Youngpreneurs showed a great level of enthusiasm and interest by putting up stalls, naming the dishes, preparing a dish along with good presentation. They served items including Chhole-Kulche, Vada pav, Samosa-chaat, Paani-puri, bhel, nachos, paneer roll,
gulab jamun, rum balls, brownies and refreshments.

The stalls were adorned with opulent spreads of cuisines, that flavoured the palette of everyone, regardless of their vastly varying likings and proclivities. Apart from offering a myriad of favourite cuisines, the event also served as a highly insightful experience into running a stall, and all the little intricacies involved, right from arranging the elements, to managing during rush hours, to keeping an account of the finances, while at the same time ensuring that consumers are their top priority, their experience being imperative to their business and finances. The event also saw ingenious, yet humorous stall names, ‘Starducks’ and ‘Aoji Khaoji’ being few among the many.

As the event drew to a close, the students in shoes of a customer, weren’t the only ones with a smile drawn across their faces, but the 11 th graders, who organised the stall were happy at the idea of not only learning the basics of finances, of the likes of one of the biggest, most
venerable companies in the world, but also provided an insight, an enjoyable experience into world of businesses, both small and big. Along with profits and experience, the event also presented itself as an opportunity to revel in the Christmas spirit, with a feast of delicacies
enjoyed by teachers and students alike.

We would like to thank our Economics teacher, Ms. Jayshri Verma for helping us in organising this fun fair.

We are also very grateful to our Principal Ms. Mrinalini and the School Management for their constant support and guidance.

Ms.Sreya Mohan

Class XI A

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