Report on Go Green Carnival

In a bid to raise environmental awareness in community Middle School students of VPMS participated in the Go Green Carnival held at the Reliance mall, Aundh Pune. It was held on Saturday, August 6, 2022 from 11 a.m to 2 pm. This event was a collaborative initiative with Tetra Pak, RUR Greenlife, Sahakari Bhandar and Reliance Fresh stores.

VPMS, Pune aims to combat climate change and solving ecological problems by increasing peoples’ awareness, attitudes and knowledge about environmental issues.

VPMS students made a grand entrance into the mall holding up their placards and chanting “GO GREEN!”. People all around looked at them and gave them a huge round of applause as the climate champions and warriors entered the building to ensure a bright future. The students were accompanied by teachers Mrs Nidhi Jain and Mrs Pournima Dharap.

Mrs Monisha Narke, briefed the little warriors about the three rallies and how the processing of Tetra Pak into furniture is done. Students participated in human chains showing placards and got to know about “How is furniture made form Tetra Pak?” During the rallies the students held their placards and chanted “चल! चल! चल! रीसायकल कर!”. Everyone inside the mall paused while shopping and looked at student to understand what was happening. Students also got an opportunity to host the show and get to see the models made from recycled Tetra Pak. The last activity of the day was to learn how to recycle used cartons and
make paper that can be written on. The Reliance crew also helped students in the human chain formation and helped while they were spreading awareness of recycling. Not only students but parents also got involved with full zeal and enthusiasm. Students and Parents showed their gratitude to school management, Principal and teachers for giving students this
wonderful opportunity.

Principal , Ms Mrinalini VPMS Pune encouraged students in promoting environmental awareness to create eco conscious community what is needed to create a sustainable future.

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