Report of Club Activity- August 2023-24

Handicraft Club

“Art isn’t an entity; it’s a journey “– Elbert Hubbard

On August 26, 2023, the Handicraft Club organized its second event of the academic year. The venue for this activity was the Art Room in the senior block.

For this year’s second event, the club chose the theme of ‘Painting and Decorating Umbrellas’. This activity revolved around the traditional handicraft of painting umbrellas; a practice deeply rooted in northern Thai culture. These umbrellas are crafted from SAA (handmade paper) and adorned with vibrant, hand-painted designs. Participants were introduced to a variety of painted designs to inspire their own creations.

Gathering at 7:50 am in the Art Room the Handicraft Club students received an introduction to umbrella painting. They were given instructions on selecting paint colors, and they actively shared their ideas and questions. The resulting color combinations and designs showcased the student’s unique and imaginative approaches. The student was also encouraged to experiment with different shades of paint to craft their own designs.

Following a short break, the students resumed the activity. Enthusiastic to see their umbrellas come to life with colourful designs, they immersed themselves in adding artistic flair to their work. Throughout this process, they imbibed skills in communicating ideas, expressing
emotions, engaging their senses, exploring colors and techniques, and creating visually pleasing artworks and experiences.

The student’s excitement and dedication were evident in their involvement, as they proudly displayed their creative and intricate final products. This event provided an enriching learning experience for both students and teachers, fostering a deep appreciation for creativity and artistic expression.

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