Report of Club Activity
Handicraft Club
November 2023

Name of the Activity: Pottery on Wheel
Number of Students Present: 18

Total students: 22
Date: -Saturday, 25 th November 2023

“Every pot that is crafted required hands to be spoilt.”

With the zeal of learning the art of pottery making, the students of Handicraft Club joined hands with Heritage Club for the fourth club activity – Pottery on Wheel. The activity was conducted on Saturday, 25 th November 2023.

The session commenced with attendance, followed by snacks as there was no break during the pottery workshop. Students were divided into two groups post snacks. While the first group headed towards the skating area where they joined the students of Heritage Club, the measurements of t shirts of the second group were taken for the next club activity. The details and material requirement for the next activity were also shared with them.

The workshop began with a brief introduction to the history and significance of pottery as an art form. Students learned about various types of clay and the basic techniques involved in pottery. A professional potter conducted a live demonstration, showcasing essential pottery
techniques such as coiling, pinching, and wheel throwing. This demonstration served as a foundation for the students' practical work.

Following the demonstration, students had the opportunity to get their hands dirty and create their own pottery pieces. They were guided by an experienced potter who provided individualized assistance and feedback. The teachers also tried their hands on the wheel and made pots. The students were thrilled to witness the transformation of their creations from raw clay to the final product.

This activity aimed at enhancing creativity, development of patience and attention to detail, collaboration and teamwork skills and appreciation for the art and cultural significance of pottery.

The pottery making workshop not only provided students with a memorable and enjoyable experience but also contributed to their artistic development and appreciation for traditional crafts.

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