Special Assembly – Helpers Day (Zero Discrimination Day)

Grade – 1 to 3

Day and Date – Wednesday, 1 st March 2023.

“One of the best things in life is seeing a smile on a person’s face and knowing that you put it there.”

The above proved very true as we celebrated Zero Discrimination Day by holding a special assembly for all the helpers of our school on Wednesday,1 st March 2023.
The objective of the assembly was to make our students understand the value of being compassionate towards all the helpers of our school and also to thank them for the hard work they put in to make the school a better place. The helpers were very delighted with the lovely activities arranged for them.
They played all the games with enthusiasm which proved that they had a wonderful time participating in them.
A dance performed by the students of grade 3 on the song ‘Aggubai-Dhaggubai’ brought a smile on their faces while the poem composed by Ms Tabassum made them feel emotional.
They were overwhelmed with the heartwarming messages dedicated to them by the little girls of grade one.
It was an assembly filled with all types of emotions like happiness, excitement, gratitude, pride etc
In the end, beautiful cards and roses were given to all the helpers to express appreciation and love towards them. This assembly surely helped to instil the virtue ‘Respect’, which is one of the core values of our school, in our little ones.

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