Club report for Heritage Club – 24 th June 2023.

Name of the activity- Cracking the code

Venue- VIII D.

 To understand, create and use devices -Alberti Disk and the Scytale.
 To learn to encipher and decipher short messages using the Alberti Disk cipher and the scytale.
 To understand, learn and use the Morse Code.
 Enhance skills by designing simple cryptographic ciphers.

As aptly said ‘Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn’ The first activity named ‘Cracking the Code- using the Alberti disk, the Scytale and the Morse Code was conducted on 24 th June 2023 with the enrolment of 51 students from classes 6 to 10.

The activity involved making of the Alberti Cipher Disk, a Scytale with the objective of acquire knowledge about the working of the Alberti Cipher Disk through learning and understanding the making and the use of the device.

The activity started by briefing the students about the History and the importance of coded language. The students demonstrated their learning by making and the using of the Alberti Cipher Disk and the Scytale in pairs coding and decoding simple messages.

Simple reused material like thin cardboards, chart paper, sketch pens was used creatively while the learners engrossed themselves in designing the ciphers and using them joyously to send coded messages among themselves.

Overall, the activity was a fruitful and an enjoyable one for everyone alike.

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