“A Concentrated effort to preserve our heritage is a vital link to our cultural educational, and economical legacies – all of which make us who we are.”

Heritage walk is a tool to explore the unexplored and neglected richness of the country. It plays an important role in the development of history and character of the city by generating interest in students and involving them in respecting and preserving the culture.

The Heritage Club activity – Heritage Walk to Tambatt Galli was one such initiative. Students were never aware and exposed to these parts of the city where lies a rich heritage which today, is literally losing its shine. Losing into the shambles of the growing urban population, the richness of craftsmanship and finesse of these narrow lanes are today having to fight for their existence. Copper which once was the most favoured metal of the royals, adorned the homes of the Peshwas, their armour, swords and shields, the crockery and cutlery and their lovely jewellery. The coppersmiths now are small inhabitants who are found only in the alleys of Tambatt Galli.

To appreciate these craftsmen, the students visited the workspaces of these coppersmiths where they got to see the real making of copper wares. From the making of copper sheets, to hammering them to give it the shape needed, moulding them, then polishing them and finally
intricately designing them to give it the final finished look before it reaches the market. Students were briefed about every step of processing and also got to see the difficulty craftsmen go through before they give every product its final look.

Students enjoyed every phase of the activity taking home a lot to memories to share with parents and to also walk through these lanes again with them. It sure was a truly enriching experience for them.

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