Date: Saturday,28 th February 2023
Venue: IISER, Pune

Science has always been a very interesting subject among the young community of students. Hunger for more knowledge and innovative ideas to evolve from our past for making life easy was the idea of the Toy Fest 2023, IISER, Pune. The Initiative of IISER is a state-level
science fair where students from different cities presented their innovative science projects. “Press O Light stick “project by the students of Std VII B -Tanmai Kulkarni, Sai Ambasankar and Shalaka Deshmukh was selected for this exhibition. Their project walking stick can be
used by old people when they are walking out in the dark. Out of 220 projects this year IISER have selected 18 science projects for live demonstration. On this day thousands of school students visited IISER from all over the Maharashtra and appreciated the innovative idea.
Students along with their Parents are grateful to the principal and the school management for providing such opportunities. Principal Ms Mrinalini said “Our students share their ideas and collectively galvanize those ideas to bring something innovative into implementation”IISER,

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