Report – JUNIOR PRIMARY SCETION – Exhibition

Date – Friday, 9 th February 2024.
Participants – Students of Grade 1 to 3

Objective – To foster interdisciplinary thinking and learning among students.

The exhibition held at Junior Primary Section on Friday, 9 th February 2024 showcased the remarkable talents and creativity of primary school students across a multitude of subjects. The event was inaugurated by our Principal, Ms Mrinalini. The event served as a platform
for young learners to demonstrate their understanding and enthusiasm for different academic subjects while fostering a sense of confidence and accomplishment.

Art: One of the highlights of the exhibition was the vibrant display of artwork created by the students. From colorful drawings to beautifully made origami articles, captivated visitors with its diverse range of expressions. Students showcased their imagination and artistic skills
through various mediums, reflecting their creativity and uniqueness.

EVS: In EVS, students presented innovative projects and experiments that explored the world of science. From homemade models of different types of houses, 2D & 3D models to models working on batteries and simple machines, each exhibit demonstrated the students curiosity in learning and understanding the magic of science.

Literature: Literature enthusiasts were treated to a delightful array of charts, poems, board games etc. Students demonstrated their linguistic abilities through the power of words. The visitors were amazed to be an audience to the lovely projects displayed.

Mathematics: In mathematics students featured interactive puzzles, games, and mathematical models. The parents and students were encouraged to participate in hands-on activities that challenged their problem-solving skills and numerical literacy. From geometric shapes to mathematical patterns, students showcased their understanding of mathematical concepts in creative and engaging ways.

The primary school exhibition was a resounding success, highlighting the remarkable talents and achievements of students across various subjects. Through their creative expressions and academic endeavors, students demonstrated a deep passion for learning and exploration. The event celebrated the accomplishments of our students, teachers and parents.

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