The first activity of the Little Innovators Club was held on 24 th June 2023. The 48 club members along with the teachers boarded the bus at 8 AM and moved to a place called ‘Karagir’.

‘Karagir’ is a learning hub where children learn by doing. It believes that this is the best way to train your hands, head and heart. There are more than forty different vocational courses offered at this centre. They call themselves the Disneyland of Vocational Education A beautiful and interesting concept where the whole place has been created into various labs such as electrical department, welding and fabrication department, carpentry department, computer department, 3-D printing workshop, App developmental department, bakery and gardening.

The team there extended a warm welcome to the club members with an LED display. The students were divided into 6 groups of eight students each and then they were oriented about the various work stations. The first group moved to the Computer lab. It was a great experience for the chilldren as they learnt how to create an app using the MIT software. It is a very easy to operate app for beginners and can help anyone, even those who aren’t familiar with the wonders of coding, to design their own app. The students learnt how to make a calculator app and an app that converts speech to text. They would now be able to create their own apps now.

Group 2 was assigned Carpentry. The students were introduced to the different tools and methods for the use of tools. The students made a mobile stand with teak wood.  They learnt the use of hack saw to cut the piece of wood and then used a file to give it a proper shape and make it smooth. They also used the vertical drilling machine and then painted their master piece. The students were able to acquire some techniques of carpentry.

The third group was trying out their hands in the Fabrication lab. The students were briefed about the tools, safety precautions and the use of the machine. Every student got an opportunity to work hands on. The students were very excited to learn welding, grinding etc. With the help of the instructor the students made a pot stand. The students learnt to work with patience and work together as a team.

The fourth group was very excited when they learnt that they would learn to repair a bicycle.  At the beginning volunteers explained the history of the Bicycle. Each part of the bicycle was explained clearly such as types of breaks, oiling, and greasing etc. During school days a bicycle is more than a friend to each one of us. If something goes wrong we immediately rush to the repair shop. The pleasure of having learnt to repair the bicycle was immense for the students.

The fifth group learnt about 3D printing. The students learnt about digital designing and 3D printing. It was fun to watch the pictures come live on the screen.

The sixth group was assigned the electrical Lab. Here the students learnt about the electrical components like resistors, potentiometer, capacitor, transistor, diode, inductor etc. The students here learnt about positive and negative charges. The students were very excited when the led bulbs glowed showing that their experiments were successful.

The students and the teachers thoroughly enjoyed this experience. We all are looking looking to the next club activity.

At the beginning volunteers explained the history of the Bicycle. Each part of the bicycle was explained so clearly such as types of breaks, oiling, and greasing etc.

From this activity, I learned how to solve small problems related to bicycles easily. I am grateful for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this club. I would like to thank our Principal ma’am, Nidhi ma’am, and all the respected teachers who have given me this platform to learn how to deal with frequent situations.

Report by
Mrs. Anjali Naik

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