“The human body has been designed to resist an infinite number of changes and attacks brought about by its environment. The secret of good health lies in successful adjustment to changing stresses on the body.” – Harry J. Johnson

Keeping this thought in mind, every year a medical check-up is organized at Vikhe Patil Memorial School, Pune under the able guidance of our Principal Mrinalini Ma’am. A general check-up for students of classes I to X was carried out during the months of August and September 2022. This initiative helps to spread awareness about the need for regular health check-up and the importance of maintaining a healthy life. The various assessments done during the health check-up were as follows:
1. General Information about the students (includes details about Vitals, Height and Weight).

2. General Appearance (Head to Foot examination).

3. Respiratory System Checkup

4. Cardio Vascular System Checkup

5. Nervous System Checkup

The checkup mentioned above was carried out by our very own parents who are doctors. They volunteered to support the school with their services as per the convenient time suggested by them. The following are the names of the members of the Medical Team who were involved in the health checkup:-
1. Dr Swati Patil                   7. Dr Ritesh Shah
2. Dr Haitreyi Kulkarni        8. Dr Suraj Wani
3. Dr Pralhad Patil                9. Dr Priti Sancheti
4. Dr Sampada Saraf           10. Dr Anjali Gijr

5. Dr Priti Chavan               11. Dr Ketaki Umarji
6. Dr Poorva Lunavat         12. Dr Ashwini Bhabad

Along with the general body check-up, a dental check-up camp was also organized by the school for the students of pre-primary and upper primary sections within the school premises. They were assisted by the school nurses. For pre-primary students this camp was a follow-up activity to the “Dental Awareness Programme”. The team of doctors involved in dental check-up were :-

1. Dr Supriya Patil Ganeshwade and Dr. Sharvari Pokale

2. Dr Vanessa Lobo an ex-student of Vikhe Patil Memorial School

3. Dr Sonali Khandekar

A health card for students will be issued by the school infirmary which will be shared with the parents to help them understand the details about their wards health and also help them to plan the necessary care suggested by the doctor. The doctors suggested that students need to maintain personal hygiene, ensure healthy food habits, drink sufficient and clean water, perform exercises
and get enough sleep so that they continue to stay healthy. The medical department with the support of the school management have taken up the responsibility of planning and arranging a health camp. On behalf of the management and staff of VPMS Pune, our Principal Mrinalini Ma’am extended her heartfelt gratitude to the team of doctors for having successfully conducted
the medical check-up and making it a successful one.

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