Topic: What is climate change according to me?
Standard: VIII
Date and Time: Monday , 18 th July 2022 , last two periods.

Teachers involved: Class Teachers – Mrs. Ashita Pardeshi, Ms. Shruti Kadam, Ms. Renuka Wabale,                Mrs. Pournima Dharap

Material Required-
1. Drawing papers or card paper if required.
2. Drawing Material.
3. Colours (Crayons, colour pencil)
4. Any other material as per preferences.

Objectives of the activity
1. Experiential Learning
2. To raise awareness and develop deeper insight regarding climate change.
3. Contribution towards a green and healthy environment.

The activity titled ‘ What is ‘Climate Change’ for me’ was conducted on 18 th July 2022 for Std VIII students to enable them to get a better understanding of the concern as well as raise awareness of climate change and its impact on Earth in the form of long term shifts in temperature and weather patterns.

The students demonstrated their understanding of the topic in different ways through drawings, poetry writing , role play, poster presentations on the adverse impacts of climate change , beautifully depicting the after effects through situations like rise in the temperature, occurrences of natural calamities , increased drought and famine conditions .

This activity enabled the students to gain a deep insight into the need towards the preservation of our environment .

The participation was high, keeping them engaged throughout the activity which was thoroughly enjoyed making the session enriching and fruitful.

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