Month end Activity June 2024.
Topic-Music Appreciation

Guest Lecture by: Mrs. Shruti Jakati (Principal Muziclub Pvt. Ltd. Baner, Pune).
Participants: Std. 7 th and 8 th .
Venue: AV Room
Date: 26 th June 2024

“Music is the greatest communication in the world. Even if people don’t understand the language, they still know good music when they hear it.” Music is not just about technique—it’s also about passion, emotion, and creativity. To encourage children to enjoy the journey of making music! A small event on the topic “Music appreciation” was organised for the Middle School students.

On the momentous Wednesday afternoon of June 26 th , 2024, we had an opportunity to meet an amazing musician and music educator Mrs. Shruti Jakati (Principal Muziclub Pvt. Ltd.). She is a multifaceted musician deeply passionate about the art of sound. Currently, she serves as a Board of Director at Muziclub Pvt. Ltd and hold the position of Principal at Muziclub Baner, where she dedicates herself to nurturing budding talents.

In the session she went over a few crucial points that kids should remember when studying music. It's amazing to see how many different subjects were addressed throughout the music appreciation session!

A few topics that were covered are as follows: –
1. Clapping the rhythm with a few variations.
2. Singing Ha-Ha to the rhythm being clapped on time.
3. Positioning the vocal registers properly to modulate voice.
4. Enhance understanding by listening to the music.
5. Creating a broad view about music around the world.
6. Enhance the pronunciation for best performance.
7. Know how to breathe correctly during singing.
8. Importance of learning music theory, history and counterpoint.

It’s wonderful to see that the music appreciation session covered such a diverse range of topics!

With a great experience in the field of music composing, performing and writing, Mrs. Jakati shared her musical knowledge and answered a lot of questions students had. Children were excited to know more about music making in today’s world. “It is very important for an individual to learn from the very basics because, even the most beautiful skyscrapers in the world have the strongest basements.”

1.Today’s month end activity was a vibrant showcase of talent and melody. The event featured impressive workshops, highlighting diverse music styles. The teacher’s dedication and guidance were vital in the student’s polished performances reflecting their commitment towards music. The event was well organised and a big stage for students to showcase their talents. Overall, it was an inspiring Gathering.

By: Master Arjun Agrawal -VII

2.This was a fantastic activity. We got to sing and connect with all type of music. Even though some of us didn’t know each other but we all sang together. Different type of music awakes different feelings in us. Like patriotism and happiness. The lyrics had deep meanings which really touched us. This session helped us to understand the true meaning of appreciation of music. Honestly this was the best month end activity. Hope we could have many more like this.

By: Krisha Barai – VIII

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