National Mathematics Day celebrations.

Date : 18 th December 2023
Classes : IV to XII

Teachers: Math Department

Along with the Principal Ms. Mrinalini B and the Vice-Principal Mr. Amol Patil, all staff and students of Upper Primary section, Middle school section, Secondary section and Senior Secondary section together celebrated the fervour of National Mathematics Day through a very vibrant special assembly on 18 th December 2023 at the basketball court.

The celebrations began by appreciating the role of Mathematics in our lives and the contribution of the great Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan.

The thought for the day, the facts that was done by std VII and poems recited by students of std IV, V and VII all revolved around the magic and grace of Mathematics.

A song highlighting the confidence of knowing the subject was beautifully sung by students of std IX using placards. While the students of std X brought out few special moments of Ramanujan’s life through an interactive act which beautifully weaved the whole event by involving everyone present at the venue.

Std VI performed an excellent dance showcasing Mathematical symbols.
In the background students of all grades have been actively involved in a competition for decorating their class board with Math concepts and their applications.

The other events conducted through the day were:
-Math Quiz for the middle school conducted by std IX
– Math Rangoli competition for students of std VIII
-Interactive SUDOKU puzzles which were open for the whole school.

The essence of Mathematics gripped the whole school for the day, making it enjoyable for students and staff.

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