Report on – Pre-Primary Summer Party

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” – John Dewey

On Thursday, 13thApril, 2023, the Jr & Sr KG students celebrated their last day of preschool with great enthusiasm and excitement. The students came in comfortable casual clothes for the party and had a wonderful time engaging in various fun activities. The highlights of the day were the various games, dancing in their favorite tunes. A puppet show was organized by the teachers on “Sharing and Caring”, where the students were mesmerized by the colorful characters and their animated movements. They also had ample time to talk and play with their friends, which added to the party atmosphere of the day. It was a fun and interactive experience for them.

The students were treated to delicious snacks, which included pav-bhaji, wafers and ice-cream. Thefood was a hit among the students, and they relished every bite. Overall, the last day of preschool for the Senior Kindergarten students was a memorable and enjoyable experience. They had a great time and will cherish the memories of this day for years to come.

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