Report of the Reel Creators Club

Session Title: Short Film Making
Venue: Sr School Computer Lab
Date: 25/11/2023

The club activity held on Saturday, the 25th of November, was short filmmaking using cell phones. All the members were divided into different groups. They were then briefed about the short filmmaking. They were assigned different topics with some values. They were instructed to go around and shoot the short video/ film highlighting the theme/ topic chosen by them.

Surprisingly, children came up with brilliant ideas and created superb short videos. The technical skills applied were praiseworthy. They saved their videos on the computers in the computer lab. These videos can be used for presentations in school.

On the whole, the session was enriching in every way. ‘Hands-on experience of using the phone to create videos was truly a great experience’ said one of the club members.
Thus, the objective of the session was met.

Feedback From Students:

We are glad that we were able to practically shoot the videos. We will practice this skill. I am flabbergasted by the fact that I could present a beautiful outcome. It was a great learning effort to learn and to use this tool was a joyful experience. I will reminisce about this experience throughout I pay my respects to Mrs. Susmita Cholkar for enlightening us with this knowledge.
Ahana and Dhrti
Today’s experience was fun.. We shot a video where the teachers guided us on writing the short stories to begin with. In the final hour, we were allowed to edit our video by ourselves. It was a fun and amazing experience and am really excited for the next session.

Aaroh IX A

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