Reel Creators Club

Session Title: Short Film Presentation
Venue: Sr School Computer Lab
Date: 27/01/2024

The concluding session of the Reel Creator’s club was held on 27 th January. The objective of this session was to enable club members to present the short films they made using the technicalities shared with them in the earlier sessions. They were supposed to choose the theme and make the film revolve around it. To our surprise, they came up with brilliant ideas/ themes to make these films. The themes chosen were ‘Women Empowerment’, How to Overcome Fear and many more exciting themes.
They kept the parameters in mind while making these films. Many of them acted in their films. They acted brilliantly. The use of a camera, music, and the setting of these films were innovative and praiseworthy. The best part of this activity was the collaboration among the members.
After the presentation was made, they were shown a film based on the social media apps and the opinions and the story shared behind these apps by the founders and the employees. It was truly an inspirational film highlighting the vision and intelligence of the people inventing these apps. This film towards the end shares a message that we should limit the use of these apps and use them judiciously to prevent the negative repercussions that may arise in the future. The film was captivating and loaded with a useful message.

In the end, the club members were asked to write feedback on their experience with this club. After receiving their feedback, it was evident that they learned a lot of new things in this club. It helped them develop a new perspective towards watching the film. Overall, the sessions conducted for the club were enriching in every sense. The objectives set at the beginning of the year were met in a true sense. The session ended on a pleasant note as a small refreshment was arranged for the club members.

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