‘Dance is the timeless interpretation of life.’

It is obvious that dance has physical benefits. Children that take up dancing can significantly improve their fitness, strength and stamina.
But it’s not just about physical health. Dancing can have a positive effect on children’s mental health and wellbeing. Giving them the
space to emote and channel their feelings through a form of exercise is also fun! Hence, the motto of this club is to nurture the talent of our
students, give them an opportunity to express their creativity and provide a space that will help them to feel happy, fit and focused.

The first session of our dance club, which has been rightly named as ‘Rhythmic Moves’ club, was held on 25 th June 2023. It was conducted
in the Seminar Hall of the Foundation Block. After the morning assembly, students gathered in the allotted area. A total of twenty three students opted for this activity. The attendance was taken. They were then segregated into two groups – Crazy Creators and Blazing Stars. Each group comprised of students from different classes.

Students were then briefed about the activities that were lined up for them for this academic year. They were informed that they would be
exploring several types of dance styles. They would practice and improvise on their dancing skills and as the year progresses they will have an opportunity to create as well as refine their own choreography and showcase their talent on a big platform in the form of a flash mob

Mr Sunil Shewadkar, our instructor for the day, used his expertise to teach the enthusiastic students and their teachers different freestyle dance steps . The students certainly realised that this dance club is open to all, regardless of their experience or ability. It was incredible
for the teachers to see how confident the pupils seemed towards the end of the first session. If the excitement seen in each child could be
translated, it would mean ‘I just can’t wait for the next session to enjoy and prove myself!’

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