Report of Club Activity
Rhythmic Moves
November 2022-23

Day & Date: – Saturday, 12th November 2022
Venue:- Multipurpose Hall, Junior Block
Number of students attended: – 29

‘While I dance I cannot judge, I cannot hate, I cannot separate myself from life. I can only be joyful and whole. That is why I dance.’

                                                                                                                              -Hans Bos

In the light of the above quote, we can infer that dance is not only a requirement of the body but that of the mind and soul as well. It is quintessential to keep us human, to help us keep moving forward, to shed our inhibitions and most importantly, be ourselves!

The 3rd Club activity of the ‘Rhythmic Moves Club’ was conducted on 12th November 2022. Children gathered at the venue after the assembly and class attendance. Club attendance was recorded by the teachers incharge of the groups. The activity started with a warm up session followed by revising the dance moves taught in the previous session. To begin with, our enthusiastic dance instructor, Mr.Sunil Shewadkar demonstrated a few energetic moves. Student’s active participation and smiles were a testimony to their keen interest in the club
activity. Sunil Sir gave personal attention to each child’s movement and posture. Teachers joined for a while and monitored the students’ movements. Students were given a short break to take their refreshments and relax. Post break, they were split in their respective groups and the teachers incharge took their practice under Sunil Sir’s supervision.

Students learned and rehearsed different dance steps and practised to hone their dancing skills. The session concluded with the cool down routine. The students grooved to the music cheerfully and enjoyed the club activity.

Teachers: Ms Sheetal K., Ms Sheetal I., Ms Leena J., Ms Mishkil G., Ms Kajal K., Ms Tresa A., Ms Mrunmayee H., Ms Suchismita M. and Ms Sheetal U. (Club Head)

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