Space and Astronomy

Name of the Activity: Stars and Constellations

1. To gain more knowledge about stars and constellations
2. To inculcate the spirit of team work by motivating students to work in groups.
3. To promote active listening

Resource person: Mr. Parag Gore (From Box Science)

Activity Plan:
The activity was conducted on Saturday, 25th February 2023 in the Audio Visual Room of
VPMS Pune. Students were first seated class wise and later they were divided into small
groups for the activity.

Report of the activity:
‘The stars are the land-mark of the universe’- Sir John Frederick William Herschel.

The first activity of the Space and Astronomy Club was conducted by a presentation related to stars and constellations as a stream of science that was given by the resource person Mr. Parag Gore.

After the presentation, a step wise explanation to how make the model of Spaceship was given to the students and the students showed great enthusiasm in making the models. They were thrilled to see the final product.

It was an interesting and enriching activity which was thoroughly enjoyed by the students.

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