Name of the Activity: Rocket and Satellite

Objectives: To demonstrate an understanding of the Engineering Design Process while utilizing each stage to successfully complete the model.
Students will use the engineering design process to design, build, test and improve a model of rocket and satellite.

This activity will help the students to:
 Understand rockets and their applications
 Explore the world of space technology.
 Boosts skills imagination and creativity.

Resource person: Mr Parag Gore from Box of Science

Activity Plan: The activity was conducted on Saturday 12 th November 2022.
1 st Session:
Difference between rocket and spaceship.
Briefing students about the history of rocket and Satellite making.
2 nd Session:
Distribution of DIY kit .

Report of the activity:

The rockets and satellites that we are creating now, are pollinating the universe. The resource person Mr Parag Gore explained the concepts of rocket and satellite making by showing ppt and a video. He conducted a short Quiz related to the topic.

After the presentation, a stepwise explanation to make the models of rocket and satellite was given to the students and the students showed great enthusiasm in making of the models. They were thrilled to see the final product.

Students were able to apply the science behind the rocket and satellite making.

After the model making a Quiz was conducted. First five students will be given Solar Kit.

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