Std 4 & 5 – Educational Trip to Mailhem Biogas Plant

‘Waste isn’t waste until we waste it.’

This is exactly what the students of the Std 4 and 5, learnt when they visited the Mailhem Biogas Plant on the 18 th and 20 th of January respectively. The plant located in Katraj, Pune generates two main by-products from wet waste, namely biogas and bio-manure. Mr Sameer Rege, the CEO of the Mailhem Group and a parent, willingly agreed to our request for an educational trip.

After reaching the plant, the Mailhem Group welcomed the students with caps and masks. The students were taken around the plant in small batches. Mr Rege and his team, explained the conversion of wet waste into biogas in an easy and simple manner. He used analogies which helped the students comprehend the process and aroused their curiosity.

Although, our students had studied about waste segregation, this educational trip gave them an opportunity to witness the matter taught in class. The visit was an informative experience for the students and they pledged to spread awareness about the importance of waste management and strictly follow the same at their homes.

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