June Month End Activity Report

Topic: Recycling old clothes to doormats

Date & Time: 28th March 2023, 09:40am -11:00am
Venue: Classrooms
Participants: 158 students
Teachers involved: Class Teachers- Ms Yogita Yadav, Ms. Tresa Antony, Ms Mrinalini Rao, Ms Sabira Kadar.
Material used: waste clothes, scissors, needles, threads etc.
The June month end activity for class VII- A, B, C,D was Recycling old clothes to doormats

Objectives of the activity:
1. To foster the awareness regarding recycling among students
2. Emphasize on reusing instead of discarding
3. Instilling team spirit and dignity of labour

‘Waste is Treasure’
To prove this true, the students of class VII recycled old clothes to doormats as a part of awareness towards conservation. They will learn values of collaboration, responsibility and self-dependence.

Students were guided by the teachers, and highly motivated as this was a HOUSE-WISE group activity. An array of beautiful door mats was created by students.

Overall, the students seemed to be excited and enjoyed the session a lot.


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