Report of the talk by Amit Date

Teachers and the school administration often feel a sense of pride when an alumni achieves success and is willing to come back to share their experiences. It’s a validation of the school’s efforts in nurturing and educating students. Alumni speakers often share a special connection with the school community. They understand the challenges and opportunities students face because they
were once in their shoes. This shared experience fosters a sense of camaraderie and belonging.

Amit Date an alumni of 2013-14 interacted with students of class 10 and 12 on 26 th April in the Av room from 11.45 to 12.20 pm to give insight into his journey of getting admission to IIM Ahmedabad. He sensitised them saying that in the days ahead, you will encounter challenges that might seem insurmountable, moments of doubt that might cloud your vision, and setbacks that might test your resolve. But remember, every obstacle is an opportunity in disguise, every failure is a lesson in disguise, and every adversity is a stepping stone to
greatness. You have to be consistent in your efforts. He also mentioned that never underestimate the power of collaboration and community. Your peers, your teachers, and your mentors are invaluable resources on this journey. Cherish their guidance, support each other, and foster a culture of mutual respect and encouragement. Lastly, always remember the importance of staying true to yourself. Don’t let societal expectations, peer pressure, or fear of failure dictate your path. Listen to your inner voice, follow your passions, and dare to
dream big, for the world belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Teachers and the school administration are typically grateful for alumni who are willing to give back to their alma mater by sharing their time, knowledge, and expertise. Its a demonstration of loyalty and appreciation for the education they received. After the session children had many more queries and Amit replied patiently.

Overall, having an alumni return to speak at a school is often viewed as a positive and enriching experience that strengthens the bond between past and present members of the school community.

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