The final inter-house debate was conducted in the third and fourth periods, between 10am and 11.20am, on 23 rd November 2023 in the Seminar Hall of the school. The motion for the debate was ‘Freedom of Expression is Curbed in India’. Sapphire House argued FOR the motion and Ruby House argued AGAINST the motion. Students of classes X, XI and XII participated and students of classes IX to XII were the audience for the debate.
Both houses were well prepared and had done a lot of research to put forth their views with conviction and passion. Although it appeared to be a one-sided debate with all odds in favour of the Sapphire House, the Ruby House students had taken a lot of pains to do their groundwork and spoke with the courage of their convictions.

The participants from the RUBY HOUSE were-
1. Aditya Galgali XIIA
2. Anish Jadhav XB
3. Atharva Hiwarkar XB
4. Sharvi Kulkarni XA
5. Sharvari Gune XB
6. Sreya Mohan XIA

The participants from the SAPPHIRE HOUSE were-
1. Mit Kotadia XC
2. Riya Supekar XD
3. Prachi Pitty XD
4. Yuvraj Jadhav XA
5. Krushna Panjabi XI B
6. Neha Soman XI B

After a heated round of speeches by three students from each house, followed by the rebuttal round, wherein the other three students asked and answered questions to validate their standpoints, students from the audience asked one question apiece to both the Houses.

It was a keenly contested debate, and RUBY HOUSE emerged the winner by a narrow margin. Yuvraj Jadhav from the Sapphire House and Sharvari Gune from the Ruby House were declared the Best Speakers by the judges.

Ms. Priya Nair, a primary section teacher, and Ms. Sheetal Karnavat, a pre-primary teacher, were the judges on the occasion. Sharvya Nandode and Ojas Arjun of Std XI and Std X respectively, were the moderators for the debate. Kuhoo Khandekar presented the judges with cards as a token of appreciation.

Bharati Kudchadker

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