Date: 09/12/2023
Venue: Kalpataru Baugh

It was an exciting day as the school organized a fun-filled picnic for the students of Std IV and V. The weather was perfect, with clear skies and a gentle breeze, setting the stage for a memorable outdoor adventure.

We began our journey in high spirits and the students were buzzing with excitement, chattering and giggling as they boarded the bus, each carrying their backpacks filled with enthusiasm. Upon arrival, the children’s faces lit up with joy at the sight of the vast greenery,
playgrounds, and adventure games. The picnic area was adorned with an inviting atmosphere for the little adventurers.

The children with the assistance of the teachers and volunteers engaged in a variety of games Like zip- line, wooden hanging bridge, commando net climber followed by tractor rides, archery, magic show and DJ music.

Post lunch, the students were taken to Kundan Textile Mill (Saree and Dress Material Manufacturing Unit) for an educational visit where the students observed the threads that were to be used for weaving the fabrics being spun on large yarn rolls. These rolls were then
mounted on the power looms. All the textiles were made up of fibres that were arranged in different ways to create the desired strength, durability, appearance and texture.

The highlight of the day was the picnic breakfast and lunch. The children sat in groups with their friends and enjoyed a delightful picnic feast.

As the day came to an end, the students boarded the bus back to school with memories of a day filled with laughter, games, and new friendships. The picnic was not just a day of fun but also an educational experience, allowing the children to connect with nature, explore their creativity, and build lasting memories with their peers. To conclude the picnic was a resounding success!

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