Visit to Loco Orto

Class: VIII
Venue: Loco Orto, Aundh
Date & Time: Wednesday July, 12

Teachers accompanying-Ms.Ashita Pardeshi, Ms. Nandita Kusurkar, Ms. Aditi Roy, Ms. Renuka Wable, Ms. Ashwini Shinde, Mr. Ashok Kale

A visit to a French restaurant named Loco Orto in Aundh was organised by the French department for Class VIII students as a part of the French National Day celebration. The students got an opportunity to see and understand the logistics of the kitchen and observe a demo of a French cuisine.

The students were divided in two groups class wise and were given a tour of the restaurant. The chef of the restaurant also cooked and presented some specialities of the restaurant. The dishes which were made were Eggplant Feta Rolls served with salsa and Orange Beetroot
Salad. He briefly explained the ingredients used and plated the dishes. It ended with a question answer session.

The students were impressed with the skills of the chef and were enthusiastic about paying a visit to the restaurant along with their families over the weekend to savour the delicacies of the French cuisine.

By: Ms. Renuka Wable

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