Visit to the Alliance Francaise de Poona Library

Classes visiting the library: 7 A, B, C and D

Teachers accompanying: 7 A, B and C: Ms. Renuka Wable and Ashwini S.

7D Ms. Aditi Roy and Mr. Amar G

The students of class 7 th visited the Alliance Française de Poona Library n 13 th July as a part of the ongoing French Republic Day celebrations in the school.

The purpose of our visit was to expose our students to French literature and culture.

The students were divided in groups of 20 and 2 different activities were conducted for both the groups.

Activity 1 : Library section

Upon arrival, we were impressed by the ambiance and layout of the library the well- organized shelves, labeled sections, and clear signage made it easy for our students to navigate and explore the vast collection of French books.

There was an extensive range of titles available, encompassing classic and contemporary works, children’s books, reference materials, and more. It was a delight to see such a diverse selection catering to readers of all ages and proficiency levels.

The cozy reading corners and comfortable seating areas provided ample space for students to immerse themselves in the world of French literature. The students explored various comic books that were of their interest and had discussed before in class. They were completely

There was a small presentation given by one of the staff members about Bastille Day and its importance. The children were enthralled by the activity.

Activity 2 : French Quiz

The students were organized into small teams and the quiz was conducted. The quiz was based on fun facts and general knowledge about France. The students were excited to try out the information they had about France and also learn more.

At the end of the visit all the students were given small diaries and book marks as a souvenir of the visit.

During the visit, the library staff conducted a brief orientation session, introducing our students to the library’s resources, services, and special programs. This orientation was informative.

We were also delighted to learn about the library’s French-themed events and activities. These initiatives not only encourage reading and language proficiency but also provide opportunities for students to connect with fellow French language enthusiasts.

It was an enriching experience for the students. This exposure only left them wanting more!

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