Conducted by: Mrs. Susmita Cholkar
Venue: MS Teams Attended by 77 Staff Members
Date 21-02-2022

Internet is defined as an Information superhighway, to access information over the web. Accessing the correct information is a major challenge and hence the session to help the teachers to use simple shortcuts tricks and precautions to be taken were discussed in the workshop. Ms. Susmita explained the use of some tools like the Immersive reader, Third-party Cookie Blocking software that come handy while working with the Internet.
There are a lot of websites which are dangerous and a lot of tools to ensure that the browsing is safe, Ms. Susmita demonstrated the various tools and explained to the teachers their importance. She also shared some useful websites to help teachers effectively perform their daily tasks.
The session was well appreciated by all the teachers, and they found it very useful.

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