A trek to Rohideshwar Fort

Objective – To get closer to nature and to challenge oneself physically.

“Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you are climbing it”- Andy Rooney

“Rohideshwar Fort, also known as Rohida Fort, is built 3,625 feet above sea level. To explore this adventurous fort the students of T3 club arranged their second trek on Saturday, 26 th August 2023. The students and teachers started their journey at 6:30 am in the morning to enjoy the meadows and small bushes. The students had stalled for a while, enjoying the scenery along with the refreshments that were
provided. With great excitement we all started climbing the fort. Being monsoon, on the left side of the ridge, we could see waterfalls that flew upward, due to the fierce wind! Though the climb was fairly easy but at times it got difficult due to the stormy wind. It took about an hour to climb from the plateau to reach the first gate of the fort. After 15-20 stone steps we all reached the second gate. There was a small
underground cistern right in front of the gate. After reaching the third gate we saw the temple of Lord Ganesha. Rohidamalla was another temple situated in the Fort. The temple had an ambience to it that made it extremely special. There were two lakes near the temple.There were several bastions on the fort like Shirvale bastion to the South East, Patane and Damgude bastions to the South, Waghjai bastion to the North, Fatteh bastion at the courtyard. The students and teachers got a breath – taking views of farms and dams from the bastions. We could also see other forts from Rohida like Fort Purandar , Rajgad , Torna etc.

At once, when we finished exploring the fort, students and teachers had their lunch. They enjoyed their food with an amazing fort view. We all retraced our way back to Bajarwadi on the same trail. The students made memories in this place. The experience for all of us was enthralling.

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