Basanto Kaumudi

Holi represents the arrival of spring, the end of winter, the blossoming of love and a sense of fulfillment. It is time to meet others play and laugh along.

On this eve of 4 th March 2023, we had gathered at Creaticity Mall, Yerawada to celebrate the auspicious occasion of “ Basanto Koumudi” organized by Upasana. This program has been a ritual for over a decade and this year to celebrate with more grandiosity. The program was
bifurcated into three segments – the first segment was Phalguni kolotan ( a treat from children) , second – Nrityanatya Basanto ( a satirical Musical Dance drama based on Rabindranath Tagore’s play Basanto) and the impressionable, passionate“ Horikhela” the final segment. In
the first segment around 80 children from various schools had indulged to create an irreplaceable memories transforming the scenario into the imitation of celebrating the festival into the way of Shantiniketan with their wonderous performance. A total number of 24 students ( Std 5 – 15 students and Std 6 9 students of our own beloved school VPMS School Pune enthusiastically participated in the mesmerizing program, where the unshakeable truth of art was displayed. Language did not interrupt as barrier and blended well with dance, drama and music. In the second segment I myself had been playing the central character – Rituraj. I was humbled by this marvellous opportunity.

It was indeed honour to be a part of this incredible program with my students. I express my gratitude to all specially the organizers, the School management and lastly the Almighty God to make it a grand success. Each student had been awarded with a participant certificate to
motivate them. The experience was enthralling as children could unearth on an epic experience which would remain for lifelong.

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