Date: Thursday, 9 th March 2023

Fireless cooking: Tangy bhel

 The activity of the Pre-Primary Section for the month of March was fireless cooking.
 The students of Sr. KG made tangy bhel using different ingredients.
 This activity aimed to give them hands-on experience, teach them to follow directions,
and develop confidence and culinary skills.
 The students listened to the class teachers’ instructions and started following them
accordingly. First, they peeled the boiled potatoes and chopped them with a plastic knife.
The dish became tastier and healthier when tomatoes, onion, boiled sweet corn, chaat
masala, and tamarind chutney were added to the puffed rice.
 The delicious bhel prepared by our little Vikheites was relished by all.
 This activity helped the children to enhance their culinary skills.

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