Class Picnic

On 14 th of November 2022, Std 4 and Std 5 went for their Class Picnic to Lekha Farms on account of Children’s Day. Lekha Farms is situated in the heart of the picturesque devotional village Kiwale of Katraj-Dehu road bypass. This well-known establishment acts as a one-stop destination servicing one and all from all parts in and around Pune.

291 students of Std 4 and Std 5 alongwith 10 teachers and 1 helper mavshi boarded the school bus after the class assembly heading to the picnic venue. The students were very excited and eagerly waiting for a day out apart from the regular academics, after a 2-year long covid lockdown period. They sang songs and enjoyed their short travel till they arrived at their destination. On reaching the venue, they were divided into two groups – Std 4 and Std 5 accordingly for all the activities. Children enjoyed the magic show, puppet show and
the Charlie Chaplin act and applauded for the same. Few danced to the tunes of the puppet show.

They stood in queues to get tattoo done on their wrist as per their choice – widely chosen tattoos were of butterfly and dragon. The camel ride was thoroughly enjoyed by all the students. They took turns to sit on the camel-the ship of the desert. The next in turn was the ongoing catchy tunes of music and songs wherein children showed their talent through all the rhythmic moves they could. The children were amazed to see a juggler walking through the lawn busy juggling rings, balls and other objects without dropping any of them. The eye and
hand coordination technique played an important role here. The clown who was well balancing himself as a stilt walker by standing on a long stick had suddenly shot his height was a great attraction to the children.

The students were served piping hot idlis chutney and sambar for breakfast. For lunch there was delicious pav bhaji, steaming hot noodles and gulab jamuns. The students ate and enjoyed playing again in the lawn. They were given refreshing orange rasna before they boarded their buses. The picnic to Lekha Farms will indeed be a memory to the children as they thoroughly enjoyed it. They were super tired once they were in their buses as most of them had dozed off. Reaching school, they were lined up classwise in the basketball court eagerly waiting for their parents to come to pick them up. It was indeed a busy enjoyable day for the students of Std 4 and Std 5.

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