Eco Club – Activity 6 (2023-24)

Field visit to Karigar – To learn the process of organic recycling.

Date: 27 th January 2024

‘We are not above the nature; we are the part of the nature’

A step towards sustainability.
 To develop skills in students in order to restore local ecology.
 To provide hands on opportunities required for maintaining the structure of soil .
 To apply science in daily life..
 To reduce the carbon footprint for sustainable future.

Composting is simply the process of breaking down of organic waste to compost, a nutrient-rich conditioner for soil known as compost.

The composting process converts waste to a usable product, compost, which can be used to replenish nutrients in poor soils and gardens. The added compost also helps retain soil moisture, thereby improving growing conditions.

Learning is no longer confined within the boundaries of a school. It is best when they have hands-on experience. The students were taken to Karigar- Open Schooling where they learnt the process of making compost and its environmental benefits. Karigar follows sustainable practices on their premises.
The activity commenced with a brief interaction with Mr. Praveen Thete the resource person who explained about the impacts and the need to restore the same.

After the interaction the excited Eco Club students got into the action mode. They initiated the composting process with the help of dry waste, mud and water.
The students were also shown the usage of Telescopic Pruner.
The students had a great time and learnt the importance of nature and sustainability. They enjoyed the activity and were very happy with this enriching experience.
As a token of appreciation, a thank you card was given to Mr. Praveen for all the support and his guidance and enriching experience for the students.
As a token of memento, oxygen purifier bamboo palms were gifted to the Eco club members.
Small steps towards greener future……

Ms. Swati Kulkarni.

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