Report: Republic Day Celebration
Date & Day: 26th January 2024, Friday

Our ancestors gave us the glorious past……we need to create the future…. lead the change and become a real Indian!

The 75 th Republic Day was joyously celebrated with immense pride and respect at Vikhe Patil Memorial School, Pune, on January 26, 2024. Commencing with a heartfelt school prayer, the event proceeded with Maitrayee and Krishna from Class XI, extending a warm welcome to the esteemed dignitaries, Dr Ashok Vikhe Patil, the chairman of Dr. Vikhe Patil Foundation, and Mrs Nandini Vikhe Patil were honoured as the Guests of Honor.

Mrs. Nandini Vikhe Patil, the joint secretary and Director of School Programmes, unfurled the national flag during the ceremony. The students, in unison, saluted the flag and pledged their commitment to upholding the values of honour, integrity, diversity, and uniqueness.
To commemorate the significance of the day, a cultural program unfolded within a school premises, featuring dance, music, and speeches by the students. Fueled by a patriotic spirit, the students of Std. 6 th and 7 th presented a melodious Marathi patriotic song ‘JAYOSTUTE’, followed by an inspiring speech from Akshay Borgaonkar of Std. IX.

Evoking the essence of unity in diversity, students of Std. 6 eloquently expressed their thoughts through a Hindi poem titled ‘MOHNINDRA ME SONEWALON’. The impressive accomplishments of young talents from different fields were highlighted through a dance performance by students in grades 6 to 8. Additionally, the students in the same grades performed an English choir, encouraging everyone to love and serve their country.

Dr Ashok Vikhe Patil and Mrs Nandini Vikhe Patil felicitated the young ‘VIKHEITES’ for their outstanding successes in sports, music, and various competitions. The vibrancy and dedication displayed by the youngster’s fueled optimism for a brighter future.

“Our beloved principal, Mrinalini mam, was the one who guided and supported the entire program”. The ceremony concluded with a vote of thanks and the rendition of the National Song, expressing words of appreciation, the compares wrapped up the event.

The distribution of sweets to the students marked the end of the celebration, creating a delightful conclusion filled with joyous spirits and bliss.

Report by: – Ms.Nandita Kusurkar

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