It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it.

The first round of inter house debates was organized in the Seminar Hall of the Vikhe Patil Memorial School Pune on 13 th September 2022 between 10 am and 11.30am. Students of Stds X, XI and XII participated in the debate.

Ruby House students spoke FOR the motion and Emerald House students were AGAINST the motion. 3 students from each house delivered impassioned speeches to convince the judges and the audience of their standpoints.

The rebuttal round followed with three students from each house presenting evidence and reasoning meant to weaken or undermine their opponent's claim. A heated and fervent exchange of views, backed up with solid facts and statistics from reputable sources ensued.

Ms. Deepti Prasad presided as the external judge and Ms. Priya Nair officiated as the second judge.

After due consideration of the arguments of both sides, Ruby House was declared the winners of the debate. They scored a total of 218 points as against 196 points scored by Emerald House. The participants were judged on the criteria of- Research and Relevance, Diction and Fluency, Grammar and Vocabulary and Confidence. Each carrying 5 points making a total of 20 points per speaker. Riddhi Kamley of the Ruby House and Srinjoy Mandal of the Emerald House won the Best Speaker awards.

The participants from the Ruby House were-
1. Janvi C- Std X
2. Riddhi K- Std X
3. Ruhan M- Std XII B
4. Rajveer B- Std XII
5. Aarushi M-Std XII
6. Yash C- Std XII
The participants from the Emerald House were-
1. Sayali Deo- Std X
2. Annika T- Std XII
3. Amla P- Std XI
4. Mrunmayee R- Std XI
5. Srinjoy M- Std X
6. Anshul B- Std XII

The judges were each given a card as a token of appreciation by Ms. Bharati Kudchadker Ms. Deepti Prasad announced the results.
In the next round of debates, Coral House will encounter Sapphire House. The finalists of each round will then clash in the final round.

Bharati Kudchadker

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