Gourmet Central Club

GDATE: 23 September 2023

“Still nothing beats home cooked meal”

After preparing the Middle East’s Falafel Pita bread with Hummus and salad, Mexican Quesadillas with salsa in the first two activities, the third activity of the Gourmet Club was ‘Dal Dhokli’ and ‘Karah (the wheat flour halwa) two very popular delicacies orientated in Indian subcontinent and known with other names in different states of India such as Dal Bafala, Dal Pithi, Dal Pithori, Chakolya or Varan Phal in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. In Gujarat Dhokli means wheat pasta or dumplings and dal means seasoned and tempered cooked lentils. So this is a delicious concoction of flavourful dal lentil stew mixed with homemade whole wheat diamond shaped dhoklis.
Dal dhokli is a very healthy and considered as a wholesome meal. It is high in fiber and rich in protein which works well for diabetics too.

Karah is a simple dish made with just three ingredients wheat flour, ghee and sugar or jaggery is a type of halwa made with equal portions of wheat flour, ghee (clarified butter), sugar or jaggery and water.

The recipes of both these dishes have been passed down over generations and have not seen a change or fusion over the years.

Through the presentation, the dishes’ history, nutritional benefits, and preparation methods were explained to the pupils. They were thereafter split up into groups to begin the preparations. While one group set to work making the dhokli dough, others were busy
making the dal, and still others were preparing the karah. The students worked under the direction and supervision of their teachers as they sorted the veggies, cleaned and washed the lentils, prepared the meals, and then plated them. On the ways to prepare the dishes valuable
tips and tricks were given. These discussions promote inquiry and spread a little more knowledge outside the four walls of the classroom.

The students prepared the recipes, plated them, and then served the vice principal and the coordinators. A lot of positive feedback was given to the pupils, which inspired them greatly. At the end they enjoyed the fruit of their labour.

“Imagine your cells smiling back and saying “Thank You! To good food !!”

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