Handicraft Club

Name of the Activity: File Folder Decoration

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”  – Thomas Merton

In a bid to nurture artistic talents and enhance craft skills, the Handicraft Club organized an engaging file folder decoration activity on Saturday, 23 rd September. The activity aimed to stimulate students' creativity while underlining the significance of organization.
The activity commenced with an introduction to file folder decoration, emphasizing their role in maintaining order. A display of decorated folders inspired students to brainstorm ideas for their own creations.

With materials like colored paper, markers, stickers, ribbons, stencils, punches, and glue, students explored techniques such as collage, painting, dabbing, and paper cutting. They chose themes like nature, geometrical patterns, and shapes to personalize their projects.

Under the guidance of club teachers, students crafted their folders, using techniques, colors, and materials to bring their themes to life. The final step involved showcasing their work to peers for feedback and appreciation. They also shared that for what purpose they are going to
use their folders.

Outcomes included the exploration of creative potential, skill improvement, personal expression, and a sense of accomplishment. This activity combined artistry with practicality, emphasizing the importance of creativity and organization in daily life. Students amazed
everyone with beautifully decorated folders.

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