Report on Kaleidoscope- Interdisciplinary Exhibition

Date: 10 th February, 2024
Time: 8.30am-1.30pm

“Mistakes are proof that you are trying”

The “Kaleidoscope” exhibition held on February 10th, 2024, embraced a broad spectrum of subjects, uniting diverse disciplines for a comprehensive educational experience. The objective of the exhibition was to give a platform for our students to display their creativity and knowledge acquired throughout the academic year. From the precision of mathematics and the wonders of science to the cutting-edge realm of robotics, students showcased their prowess in various subjects. The inauguration of the exhibition took place at 8.30 am in the atrium at the hands of the chief guest at the hands of the principal Ms.Mrinalini. The seminar hall had the exhibits of Math, Science, Little Innovators and Robotics Club. For Science, students conducted experiments, made lovely charts, and created amazing 2D/3D models under the supervision of their science teachers. The students displayed immense confidence and enthusiasm while explaining their topics to the class. The topics were based on habitat, sustainability, functioning of human systems, ionic propulsion thruster, water absorbing roads, leg operated pumps, etc. The exhibition surely enhanced the young minds to grasp the magic of science. For the math section, journals, Subject Enrichment Activities (SEA), puzzles, math games, surveys, etc were on display. The languages and social sciences were seamlessly woven into the narrative, highlighting the interconnectedness of knowledge. A cozy reading corner, various creative writing topics like autobiographies, notice writing, story writing, poetry, information on the various authors touched upon during the academic year, tongue twisters, limericks and charts based on the grammar curriculum, were some of the highlights in the English presentation. Additionally, the Hindi and Marathi displays included puzzles and games based on grammar, curriculum related charts and models on public transport which were well explained by the students in Marathi. The paintings and artwork created by students throughout the year were creatively showcased by the Art Department. Recognising the role of our school in creating awareness about the environment and climate change, various green projects and games devised by the students under the ‘Pune Climate Warrior’ programme were exhibited. Beyond
academics, the inclusion of Yoga, Health and Wellness, and Music exemplified a holistic approach to education. Eco-friendly method of taking feedback from was adopted. The event not only celebrated intellectual diversity but also underscored the importance of fostering well- rounded individuals in the middle school community.

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