Activity: Kaleidoscope 2022-23
Day & Date: Saturday, 25 th March 2023
Std: IV & V
Venue: Std IV & V Classrooms

“Every brilliant experiment, like every great work of art, starts with an act of imagination.” Jonah Lehrer

The multi-disciplinary exhibition, ‘Kaleidoscope’ was a special effort put up by the students and teachers of Standard IV & V. The Chief Guest, Mrs Nandini Vikhe Patil, Joint Secretary & Director Schools’ Programme and Ms Mrinalini, Principal were ushered in to the venue by the students. A grand welcome for the esteemed guests and parents was organized by the Music department, alias Team Tansen, with a melodious number that provided insights into the various subjects that they would be discovering. A one of a kind, student designed souvenir was presented to the guests followed by the ribbon cutting ceremony. After the grand inauguration of the event, the dignitaries were escorted by the students to the various colour themed classrooms inspired by the colours of the rainbow to inspect the interdisciplinary models and projects on display. The different subjects were aptly named as Team APJ Abdul Kalam (EVS), Team Ramanujan (Mathematics), Team Sudha Murthy(English), Team Munshi Premchand(Hindi), Team Kusumagraj(Marathi), Team Raja Ravi Verma(Art), Team Mother Teresa(Value Education & Health and Wellness) and Team
Virat Kohli(Sports).

The exhibits in EVS included the in-house Subject Enrichment Activities and projects based on the curriculum, working models, scientific games and toys along with the display of the classwork notebooks and scrap books. All exhibits were made with upcycled materials. The Math displays included puzzles, brain teasers, games and art-integrated activities like Mandala art. A cosy reading corner, an English arcade, various creative writing topics like autobiographies, notice writing, story writing, poetry, information on the various authors touched upon during the academic year, tongue twisters, limericks and charts based on the grammar curriculum, were some of the highlights in the English presentation. Additionally, the Hindi and Marathi displays included puzzles and games based on grammar, curriculum related charts and models on public transport which were well explained by the students in Marathi.

An assortment of artistic production like pencil shading, tribal and folk art, nature drawings, origami, 3D art work, canvas paintings, Mandala art, best out of waste, print activities, wax paintings, tie and dye, quilling and doodle art were manifested using a variety of medium like brush pens, acrylic colours, oil pastels, etc.

“Our bodies are our gardens-our wills are our gardeners”. Keeping this thought in mind by William Shakespeare, our Health and Wellness department presented a well curated display of the Value education journal work, charts, gratitude jars and games. Furthermore, information about the Influenza virus was shared by the school infirmary. Identify your learning styles- Visual, Audio or Kinesthetic? and ‘The Essentials to improve the LSRW Skills’ were also some of the focal points of the Health and Wellness team. Last but not the least, the energetic Sports squad demonstrated various equipment used in parades, games and sports displays along with fun games for all.

The excited students actively explained the work they put up winning the heart of our Chief Guest who took a keen interest in interacting with students and encouraging them to achieve their dream through hard work and dedication before biding goodbye and wishing success to them. An influx of parents was observed at the all-important event. The invited parents explored the array of work put up by their beloved children. A sense of pride was observed in all the smiling faces of our dear parents as they started exploring the creativity and models. The priceless moments of students accompanying their parents to different classrooms were inspiring, while on the other hand it reflected the amount of confidence the students displayed to present their creativity defying any sort of fear and hesitation.

The event was a shade of celebration with an opportunity for parents, teachers, and students to come together. The sincere effort of the school to provide a platform for students to lead and represent was accomplished. The event successfully concluded through a unique QR Code feedback mechanism to record the visitors’ insights.

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