March Month End Activity Report

Topic: Expressing gratitude through highlights of the academic year passed by.

Date & Time: 24th March 2023

“Expressing gratitude is a very important value that needs to be embedded in young teenage minds”

To inculcate the value of gratitude this activity was conducted as the last activity for the year.

Expressing gratitude benefits students by supporting physical and mental well-being, boosting self-esteem, and enhancing sleep quality all of which contribute to create happier, healthier children.

Students were guided by the teachers to highlight major facts and events of the academic year that they enjoyed and learnt the most from. The activity revolved around the year encompassing academics, co- curricular activities, picnics, field trips, functions and classroom interactions.

Students created an array of their art work and written work through the activity.

Overall, the students enjoyed the session a lot.

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