November Month End Activity Report-– STD VIII

Topic: Designing environmental science projects.

It is rightly said ‘Preserve and cherish the pale blue of dot, it’s the only home we’ve ever known’

Motivated with the thought of giving back some beautiful and innovative usable objects by recycling waste to show respect towards mother Earth and as a part of the ongoing ‘Pune ClimateWarrior’ activity-based project in collaboration with the celebration of Science Day slated for themonth of February, the month end activity conducted for the month of November was making of ‘Environmental Science projects’ focusing on the 3Rs of waste management – reducing, reusing, and recycling waste materials.

The students were told in advance about the scheduled activity for them to coordinate and collaborate in groups to discuss research ideas, choose and plan the topics of interest to narrowing them to making manageable models using everyday household materials available at
home like paper products like newspapers, shoeboxes, jute bags, CDs, plastic cups, ice-cream sticks, name a few…

Students were encouraged to make artistic, creative and productive innovative models along with charts, diagrams or illustrations to explain information for the Science fair.

The upcycled projects will be displayed during the Science exhibition to be held in the month of FEBRUARY.

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