The Visit to Tapas Elderly Care By Class XI

26 November 2022

Living in the moment is an art that we forget to practice sometimes. Meeting people who live their lives in the present and truly enjoy the essence of life without any pretence inspires us to do the same as well. The people at Tapas Elderly Care Centre taught us just that. A safe haven created for people with a special way of living and persevering, administered and founded by Mrs. Prajakta Wadhavkar, is a place that gave memories that were not only endearing but insightful as well. It taught us that it is not the problems, but the joy found in dancing and singing with these problems that makes life meaningful, which is what we did with the elderly at Tapas Centre. Spending our Saturday painting, singing and dancing with them left us with more happiness than we could have imagined. Just those few hours taught us the
importance of being empathetic and compassionate towards our elders. The strength, the determination and the tenderness of the staff when with the elderly was inspiring and remarkable. It also made us want to make a difference the way they are, no matter how small. For us students, those mere hours passed by in a flash of laughter and joy making us wish for more time with the people at the centre, when the time to leave came.
Nevertheless, we would like to thank our teacher in charge Ms. Alpana Saxena for urging us to be a part of this experience and also for arranging this day. We would also like to thank our beloved Principal ,Ms Mrinalini ,our Coordinator Ms Anjali Naik, Anav Vaidya(Student of Class XII Science) and the administration for supporting us and giving us this opportunity to discover beyond the classroom. We extend our gratitude towards everyone who made this experience feel effortless and enjoyable for us students.

Mrunmayee Raskar

Class 11-A

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