Activity: Class Picnic
Venue: Chitaranjan Vatika, Model colony
Date: Tuesday, 28.11.2023
Class: Nursery

” Nothing is better than a picnic. There is something for everybody at Picnic Day.”
The most awaited day of the year is the class picnic.
The day began with prayers followed by the students boarding the bus. The students were extremely excited and sang their favourite songs on the bus. After they reached the park, they enjoyed playing on the slides, swings, merry-go-round, and seesaw. They also made sand castles, which gave them a tactile experience.
This was followed by a scrumptious breakfast of cheese sandwiches, cake, and Appy. Tattoos like flowers, butterflies, and leaves were painted on their wrist to depict the presence of nature everywhere.
The students played on the play equipment to their hearts content. The students thanked the security staff on duty. Picnic is one of the platforms where the bond among peers is strengthened.
Indeed, it was a fun-filled day for the students and they expressed their desire to revisit the place.

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