Activity of the Month (November 2023-24)
The Green Game Competition

Date- 28th November 2023, Tuesday

Kids who learn to design games develop creativity and learn to solve problems in a varied way. In fact, playing video games promotes computer knowledge, strategic thinking, and improves spatial awareness. The benefits of game design are many, blending reality with innovative technology, and requiring creative, forward thinkers and problem solvers. Students in classes VI-VIII were asked to design a game which will include elements of nature or addresses issues of climate change in collaboration with the Climate Warrior program. They may design or draw a game based on a story. The story must be developed around which must also be developed, along with the characters journey. Every character has a unique history, abilities, and shortcomings, or may design or draw a game to solve problems. We could witness the true joy and deep fun that they experienced by making their own game. Students came up with wonderful ideas such as snakes and ladders, which emphasized climate change, card games with elements of nature, a fish pond depicting trash collected from the ocean and how to remove it, Greenopoly, climate quiz. Each child presented their game with an explanation, which shows that they are aware of climate change as well as the measures that can be taken by them. Students should be encouraged to think creatively in conceptualizing the game. The purpose of the activity was surely fulfilled, and the objectives were instilled in them. Students gave us a message on how to use technology – healthily and constructively.

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