Report on ‘The Prize Distribution Function’ organized by the Pune Climate Warrior Season II

Activity: Prize Distribution Ceremony organized by the Pune Climate Warrior
Date: 23 rd February 2024
Attended by: Ms. Sheetal Ingole and students of Middle School

We cannot protect the environment unless we empower people, inform them and help them understand that these resources are their own and that they need to protect them.

1) To create awareness about climate change and safeguarding the environment and contribute their unique perspectives towards this social responsibility.
2) To motivate students to understand their role towards environment, climate change and the possible solutions to various social problems like pollution, creation of carbon footprints and consumerism and deforestation and be proactive in preserving the natural ecosystems and environment.

The Climate Warrior Prize Distribution Ceremony was held on 23 rd February 2024 at Neetu Mandke Auditorium, Pune. The purpose of this ceremony was to recognize and honor individuals and organizations who have demonstrated exemplary efforts and initiatives in combating climate change. The ceremony was graced by the presence of various eminent personalities like Mr. Ravindra Dharia, Founder Vanrai, who work tirelessly in the field of environment preservation and climate change.

Also, notable attendees included Mrs. Vandana Chavan, Member of Parliament, who shared her insights and perspectives on the importance of collective actions in mitigating climate change.

As many as 80 schools were invited to this ceremony. The Climate Warrior Prize comprised several categories, recognizing outstanding contributions across different

domains such as renewable energy, conservation, urbanization, air quality, biodiversity, waste management etc. Each category celebrated individuals or organizations that have showed significant strides in addressing climate related challenges. The active participation of the students and teachers of various schools contributed significantly to the success of this event. It was celebration and appreciation of collective learning, collaboration and

A diverse group of recipients received accolades for their remarkable initiatives and achievements. VPMS made its presence felt by bagging the prizes and received accolades for their extraordinary work in almost every category like Research paper writing, Research Paper Presentation, Interschool Green Game Competition, Ek Kadam Aage initiatives etc. The school received ‘The Sustainability Champion Award’ for its relentless efforts and contribution. Out of 80 schools, only 11 were honoured with this title. The teacher, who was appointed as the Lead teacher for the Pune Climate Warrior Program, Ms. Sheetal Ingole was also appreciated and acknowledged for her ‘Outstanding performance as the Lead Teacher ‘by the guests.

The Climate Warrior Prize Distribution Ceremony served as a platform to celebrate the unsung heroes and champions of climate actions.

-Ms. Sheetal Ingole

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