Pune Warrior Report

Date & Time: 1 st August–12 th August, 2022
Venue: Respective classes

Objective-1) to educate the young about Climate Change
2) to involve them for the global cause in changing the environment.
3) to enable them to understand the problems and the solution for it


              Pune Warrior project is started by Ms Vandana Chavan , Member of Parliament in order to create awareness among the Punekars towards climate change. The orientation for the teachers across Pune was conducted wherein 50 schools participated to be the Climate Gurus. Further all the lead teachers carried the presentation in their respective schools. Middle school class teachers carried the task energetically by involving children to come up with different solutions which can be practically implemented. Students were completely equipped with the problems which are existing and how mandatory it has become to curb them.
Neelam Bhosale

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