Report of the Reel Creators Club

Session Title: ‘Editing Films using Open Shot’

An exciting session on the use of application called ‘ Open Shot’ was scheduled on 23rd September 2023. This activity was in continuation with the field visit to the ‘Seam Edu’ studio where students learned about the compilation of videos using different software. To train them to use such apps was the main objective of this session. A free software called Open Shot was introduced to the students. A video
was shown to the students explaining how to use this software in the first segment of the session.

In the second segment, students were assigned the task of creating a video based on any theme of their choice using this software and presenting it before everyone. This software was installed on all the computers for the convenience of the students. It was a collaborative activity as two students worked together.

To our surprise, students discussed and came up with interesting themes. Their final product was worth watching. “ I thoroughly enjoyed this activity and would use this software efficiently hereafter to make such videos’ said one of the club members.

This suffices enough to convey how interesting this activity was.

Feedback from the Teachers

Bharati Kudchadker: The students as well as the teachers of the Reel Creators Club learnt to use the Open Shot software for editing videos. It was a fascinating session.

We first saw a tutorial video on how to use this software which was very easy to follow. Next, we created a similar video by adding our own transitions. Finally, we downloaded video and audio clips from the internet and made an original video with a suitable audio track to go with it. A theme was chosen, and the video was created based on the theme.

I learned a lot in this session; it was so interesting that the time flew by without us realizing it!

Feedback From Students:
Editing is a skill that is like taming elephants. It must be precise, yet the outcomes can be hard to predict to nail this art, it takes patience, effort, and time. We are grateful for the fact that our teachers guided us through the journey of learning editing. It was a fascinating experience.

We are glad that we were able to learn the basics of this skill. We will practice this skill. I am flabbergasted by the fact that I could present a beautiful outcome. It was a great learning effort to learn and to use this tool was a joyful experience. I will reminisce about this experience throughout I pay my respects to Mrs. Susmita Cholkar for enlightening us with this knowledge.

Ahana and Dhrti
Today’s experience was fun. The teachers taught us how to edit our videos, add titles, and music, and add cool effects to our videos. We made a sample video where the teachers showed us how to implement everything on the app. In the final hour, we were allowed to make a video by ourselves, and the teachers displayed it on the smartboard. It was a fun and amazing experience and am really excited for the next

Aaroh IX A

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