School Picnic – Report

Std – I, II & III

Day and Date – Monday, 18/12/2023

Topic – School Picnic – Mauli Agro Farms, Hinjawadi, Pune

On Monday, 18th December, 2023, VPMS, Pune, organized an exhilarating school picnic for students of Std I, II & III to Mauli Agro Farms, Hinjawadi, Pune. The purpose of the outing was to provide students with a break from their routine, foster a sense of camaraderie, and create lasting memories.
The day commenced with excitement as students gathered at the school premises, bubbling with enthusiasm. The buses, arranged for the trip, created an atmosphere of anticipation. The journey to Mauli Agro Farms was filled with laughter, chatter, and occasional sing-alongs, making it a memorable part of the overall experience.
The itinerary was thoughtfully planned to cater to the diverse interests of the students. A variety of activities were organized, ranging from a tractor ride to tattoo making. There was also was a play area for the students with a trampoline and an inflatable jumper, which the students
thoroughly enjoyed.
No picnic is complete without a delicious feast. A designated area was set up for a picnic breakfast and lunch, and students enjoyed a spread of mouthwatering snacks and meals. The joy of sharing food and engaging in light-hearted conversations added a sense of togetherness.
The visit to Mauli Agro Farms was a memorable one and it motivated the students to take care of their environment and to maintain cleanliness around them. It was a wonderful opportunity for all the children to strengthen their bonds and everyone came back to the school rejuvenated.
In conclusion, the school picnic was a resounding success, leaving a trail of cherished memories for everyone involved. Such events play a crucial role in the holistic development of students, promoting social skills, teamwork, and a sense of adventure that goes beyond the confines of the classroom.
The success of the school picnic would not have been possible without the dedicated efforts of the organizing committee, teachers, and supporting staff. Their hard work and commitment ensured that the day was not only enjoyable but also safe and well-coordinated.

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