Little Chef Club
Activity Report


“Learning is experience. Everything else is just information”

Cooking without fire is something exciting. Making children self-reliant in all aspects of life is equally important as cooking. Knowing how to cook is one of the most useful skills we can learn.Cooking is important for health. It allows control over ingredients, ensuring meals are nutritious. Additionally, it can be fun as well as creative. On 16th Dec, Little Chef made delectable dishes like Oreo pudding, paneer roll, and cheesy sandwich.

We started with a dessert, which is children’s favorite: Oreo biscuits. It is called silky Oreo pudding. With basic ingredients quite handy in all the kitchen which includes Oreo biscuits and milk powder. It became their best-loved dish. The teachers shared their tips on how to add more flavors while trying at home with ice cream.

The second recipe was a healthy dish with wheat roti using paneer and veggies as filling. It was a good combination to fill our tummy at any time of the day. These paneer rolls are perfect for an easy weeknight dinner or for making a stack of them for a party. The dish was flavored with mayonnaise and chili flakes.

When you want a quick and easy meal, there’s nothing better than sandwich recipes! Because what’s more satisfying than some soft, fresh bread filled with veggies, cheese, pudina chutney, and chili flakes. Sandwiches are crazy versatile, plus, they’re so easy to be made and served.Children enjoyed making and tasting their own cooked food.

Every dish was unique in itself. Cooking is an essential life skill. It’s the process of preparing food , with or without fire. People cook for various reasons, like survival, pleasure , or to share with others. Our motto is to make each child self-sufficient. In conclusion, cooking is a valuable skill. It promotes healthy eating and can be a source of joy.

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